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English version – this page is meant for the managers who do not know Polish but still are interested in training their employees.

What is our method about?

We are answering that question below, but before that, first of all :

Welcome to the website devoted to the new method of communication workshops in English!

The aim of the workshops is to develope the skills of free use of the language of Albion in business situations and informal, business- like small talks.

The original program was based on the most modern and best handbooks for business English.

We offer a set of meetings in very friendly environment yet highly effective.

Training is run in an attractive and dynamic way,  in entertaining form. 

And, as a result … changing hard work into a real joy.

Our teachers, working in duo  native speaker- Polish teacher, in quite unusual way lead the students to the world of business  communication. Consequently, the teachers are the people full of enthusiasm and optimism, imaginative and with a good sense of humour.

Meet them:

Unconventional method of developing business communication skills is connected with the use of traditional excercises and standard materials. Above all, it brings many ready made recipies for proper use of English in various situations and with various people.

So, what is the system of training?

We instruct how :

Firstly :  to set up good relations with a client.

                 Subsequently: to run  negotiations.

                 Further: to conduct phone conversations.

As well as: to run meetings.

And finally: to prepare and deliver presentations.

Of course, we do not forget about the breaks for meals.

In addition, our instructors also run evening cultural activities:


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